Relying on Heaven to Slaughter Dragons


friend friend[frZnd; frєnd]可数名词1 友人,朋友He is a ~ of mine [my father('s)].他是我的 [我父亲的] 朋友They are good [great] ~s.他们是好朋友 [亲密的朋友]2 同一阵线的人; 赞助者,支持者; 同情者[to, of](←→ enemy)a ~ of the poor穷人的朋友a ~ to [of] liberty自由的支持者He has been a good ~ to me.他一向待我很好3 a. 同伴; 与人为友的动物The dog is a ~ of man.狗是人类的朋友b. 有帮助 [可靠 (等) ] 之物Her shyness was her best ~.她的腼腆对她有很大帮助4 [one's ~; 用于称呼] (吾) 友my learned ~→ learned 1a.5[F~]教友派 (the Society of Friends) 的一员,战栗教徒 (Quaker)be [keep,make] friends with?与…做朋友,和…要好 [亲密]make friends again言归于好,重修旧好the Society of Friends基督教教友派


Friends are these persons who can share sorrow and happiness with you. On the other hand ,a really friend is a friend in need.